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New emitters won't drip

I'm installing a new drip line. I have plenty of pressure, I've tested to be sure water is getting to where I'm plugging my 1/4" line into my main 5/8" feed line. I've made sure that I have water out my feeder lines before I install the emitters. But as soon as I plug the emitters in and turn the zone on, I get an initial squirt out the emitters, then nothing. I've tried different emitters, different flow emitters, and can't get water to drip. I only have one emitter on the line so far! I have a 25 lb pressure regulator. Any ideas? I'm stumped.

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Hello Carla, 

We saw your email come through at the exact moment we were replying to this forum post.  We'll get a reply over to you promptly to troubleshoot this one, it is definitely a curious one since the emitters work on start-up but do not continue doing so.  

We look forward to assisting and will be in touch very soon :) 

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